Nov 3, 2020

Achema 2021

CoVID19-SARS is still messing with industrial world.
Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2020, COVID 19 virus forced many industries to fully or partially stop activities. A lot of the companies were placed “on pause”. The pandemic continues its negative influence in almost all economic branches even at present, making them think and act in a different manner.
In medium to long-term, much indicates that this impulse will break up old structures and thinking patterns and will leverage the transformation towards sustainable development. Climate change, the constant growth of the world population overstraining earth’s resources and not least digitalization remain central challenges. The process industry‘s positive contribution and innovations to these challenges are quite important at this moment.
So just on time, in 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany it is again planned the regular exhibition ACHEMA 2021 to be performed. AVKO will take part as an exhibitor in the specialized forum. Organizers guarantee strict health safety for visitors and exhibitors.