The company АVКО® - Ruse is a manufacturer of industrial seals and insulations. The company was founded in 1989 and has experience of many years in the design, manufacture and launching on the market of sealing and insulating materials which fully comply with the contemporary ecology requirements. Using our products adds to the operational life of machinery and production facilities and is labour- material- and energy - effective.

The products with the АVКО® trade mark are used for sealing valve glands, pumps, sealing flange joints, heat-insulation of steam conduits, boilers, furnaces, fittings, also as seals in various type plants and machines and in numerous other spheres of industry.

Main product groups

  • Industrial seals based on high-quality asbestos-free materials: gland packings, sealing rings, foil, tapes, sheets, ready-made seals;
  • Half-finished and finished products from PTFE (ploytetrafluoroethylene): rods, pipes, plates, foil, tapes, pressed rolls and bushes;ready-made seals;
  • Antirust coatings: coatings of PTFE and its co-polymers, thermoplastic coating and gumming of pipe conduits, fittings, tanks;
  • Technical rubber;
  • Insulation products for industrial application: fabric heat insulations made of glass and ceramic yarns, insulations based on basalt mineral wool, insulating boards, heat-insulation coating, etc;
  • Electric insulating materials;
  • Friction products;
  • Diagonal braiding machines for the production of gland packings;

Production basis and human resources

The АVКО® systems comprises:

  • The principle office in the town of Ruse, with production basis for Teflon and graphite seals, protective antirust coatings, braiding machines;
  • Sealing and Insulating Materials Plant АVКО® - Sevlievo - the town of Sevlievo;
  • Metal-Cutting Machines Plant Stefan Karadzha - the town of Ruse.

The production and administration activities of the АVКО® company take place in the principal office and in the production plants located in Ruse and Sevlievo. The built-up areas of total 18 000 square meters include 13 400 square meters of production shops and 4 600 square meters of office and storage facilities.

There are high requirements for the personnel performance. Only highly qualified and strongly motivated specialists have been appointed at the company. The production and technological processes are under strict supervision.

The organisational - managing structure of АVКО® is based on three levels. First level: management staff making the management decisions about the company production, finance, marketing and sales. Second level: technical specialists. Third level: worker directly engaged in the production process.

АVКО® is a member of ESA (European Sealing Association)

Markets and customers

With its high-quality products, competitive prices and favourable terms of delivery the АVКО® Company has won recognition both on home and international markets.