Rifled flat gaskets from expanded PTFE, AVKOSEAL® eCR

AVKO JSC offers an innovative decision in the field of sealing materials – rifled surface cut flat gaskets. The brand name of the product is AVKOSEAL® eCR. The material is same – multi – directional expanded PTFE. You can see more details about the product in the technical data sheet.

Expanded PTFE sheets AVKOSEAL® eC

NEW! Sealing sheets AVKOSEAL® eC are already offered also in a modification with self-adhesive ply, which makes easier mounting and comes to be prerequisite for better sealing of the surfaces. For more information please contact our Trade department on: +359 82 884 560 / 563.
Sheets are made from 100% expanded PTFE, using unique technology for forming of special febrile structure with extreme strength and parameters. They are used for flange sealing of all media, like oils, petrol water, acids, etc at temperature up to 315°С. Sheets are used for cutting of gaskets and seals for flanges, flat surfaces, heat exchangers, columns, etc.

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The 60th Anniversary of the Packings Production Division of AVKO® jsc Is Approaching

In the past few years AVKO® and the packings division in particular gathered a lot of experience, withstood many market changes and continue to prove their solid position within the fast pace developing industrial world.

The management of AVKO® expresses its sincere gratitude towards the current and former members of the work team for their diligent work and dedication.
We are proud to be able to work with such professionals.
We acknowledge and appreciate your loyalty!


As usual AVKO® was among the exhibitors. At our stand were presented the leading products from the company’s range – sealing tapes, rings, cords, sheets, etc. Sheets of expanded PTFE with size 2000x2000 mm gathered particular interest being a new technological solution added to the well established smaller sizes.

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