Expanded PTFE tape AVKOSEAL® H

Sealing material, made from 100% pure bi-axial expanded PTFE with self adhesive strip. Usually is offered as tape. The expanded PTFE comprises all the exceptional operation parameters of PTFE plus the additional features acquired in the process of expansion. To facilitate the fitting AVKOSEAL® is provided with a one-sided adhesive backing strip with protective layer made from special paper, which is removed before fitting.

Expanded PTFE sheets AVKOSEAL® eC

Sheets are made from 100% expanded PTFE, using unique technology for forming of special febrile structure with extreme strength and parameters. They are used for flange sealing of all media, like oils, petrol water, acids, etc at temperature up to 315°С. Sheets are used for cutting of gaskets and seals for flanges, flat surfaces, heat exchangers, columns, etc.

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AVKOPACK® 1101S & AVKOSEAL® H certified by BAM for work in oxygen environment

The expanded PTFE packing AVKOPACK® 1101 S, produced from high class yarns, is the next AVKO product, certified by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin) for work in oxygen environment. Test was successfully passed also by another product from expanded PTFE – AVKOSEAL® H – bi-axial stretched tape with high sealing possibilities and quality.

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Golden stamp Certificate RINA ESA