Brake Band and Friction Ware

Non-Asbestos Brake Band


Multilayer friction band is manufactured in AVKO JSC on unique equipment for multilayer weaving of tapes with different thickness. Multilayer weaving allows producing of layer with controlled thikness up to 18 mm using special programme.

Conical Rings


Company AVKO JSC is only one producer of Conical Rings for electric telpher in Bulgaria. The Company manufacture it to base on original licence documentation. The products are known with very good reliability, good stapping coefficient, decreased stickness of the rings.

Others Friction Ware

AVKO JSC offers and others frictional products which are developed from out technical team. We offer and engineering, development of frictional discs, blocks and etc.
Our range include:
-Conical Ring for Moto-Cultivators;
-Frictional Blocks;
-Non-Standard Ware with ours press form or with customer`s press form