SWG, Grooved and Metal Eyeleted Flat Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets


SWG is part of the group, constructed to work at high temperatures and pressures. They can be partially mounted to work at extreme conditions: loose connections, pressure, temperature cycles, schocking conditions, and vibrations. They are considered to work in range of PN from 0,1 to 35,0 Мра, temperature of the working media from -253°С до +600°С and DN from 10 till 3000 mm. SWG are spiral wound V-shaped alternating each other layers of stainless steel tape and sealing tape of graphite, PTFE, aramide fibers.

Grooved Gaskets

The Company offers and Grooved Gaskets. They are preffered gaskets when improved performance at low sealing stresses is required. A tighter joint is provided with reliable solid metal to metal seal combined with a soft sealing face. Metal gaskets with grooved faces have proven to be very effective for sealing flange connections, and are particulary suitable for applications where high temperatures, pressures and fluctuating conditions are encountered.

Metal Eyeleted Gaskets

AVKO JSC offers ready eyeleted gaskets from expanded graphite. The graphite is very breakable during the transport, especially for a big sheet and a thin gasket . About that our company offers a new decision like we pack it with metal U - profile, which guarantee a sturdiness during the ttansportation. At the same time that packing keept the gaskets and it’s live is prolonged.