Expanded PTFE tape


Expanded PTFE tape with adhesive stripe for flanges.
This is a sealant, manufactured from 100% pure expanded PTFE. It is typically produced as a tape and is less widely used in the form of a cord, plates etc. The expanded PTFE comprises all the exceptional operation parameters of PTFE plus the additional features acquired in the process of expansion. To facilitate the fitting AVKOSEAL® is provided with a one-sided adhesive backing strip with protective layer made from special paper, which is removed before fitting. Due to its excellent flexibility and ductility AVKOSEAL® follows very easily the shape of the sealed surface, and the adhesive strip enables the quickness of the fitting. Apart from the flange sealing AVKOSEAL® may be successfully used in every other case of static sealing, provided that the working parameters fall into the range PTFE’s values.
Contains only materials conforming to FDA 21 - requirements for use in contact with food and chemical ingredients FDA21CFR 177.1550 (а) (1) and (b)
Approved for use in oxygen environment - BAM



Sealing material, made from 100% pure bi-axial expanded PTFE with self adhesive strip. Usually is offered as tape.
Picture of AVKOSEAL® H under the microscope img_microscope


Sealing material, made from 100% pure expanded PTFE with self adhesive strip. Usually is offered as tape
Pictures of the product under an electron microscope you can see here:
img_microscope img_microscope .



Expanded PTFE tape with a high density for a special application.



Soft conductive sealant with febrile unique structure manufactured from expanded PTFE + graphite.
Picture of AVKOSEAL® G under the microscope img_microscope