Graphite Rings

TREGRAPH® Graphite Rings

TREGRAPH rings have a main application in sealing of the stuffing boxes in valves and pumps. They work at a temperature of the fluid up to 550°C , in vacuum - up to 2200°C and in inert media - up to 3000°C . Resistant to aggressive media - concentrated acids, solutions, hot oils and others with chemical resistance pH 0 - 14. They are produced with a density 1.4 0.3 g/cm3 and with dimensions and technical characteristics in accordance with the Company standard AVKO-C 1301-1-02.

TREGRAPH® Graphite Rings Set


For sealing of stuffing boxes of pumps and armature, working at pressure of 250 - 300 bar and transported fluid temperature of 500°C to 600°C, AVKO offers the usage of the reinforced stuffing box set.
The set is most suitable for manual valves, where when the valve is started the bigger looses make the sealant wear out easily.
The reinforced set is remarkable with its advanced flexibility and elasticity of the sealing rings with preservation of the rest of the physical and chemical qualities, which improve the sealing’s reliability and lengthen the exploitation period of the reinforced stuffing box set.